Store crypto assets in a Quantum vault

Quantum gives you a safe wallet and vault to store valuable crypto assets.

Secure assets, trading and more!

Store, buy, sell.

The finance system of the metaverse.

What is Lilium?

The official cryptocurrency of Wayports, Lilium is a utility token you can use to transact in and out of the virtual world for productivity.

Why another cryptocurrency?

Because Wayports is a virtual community, it needs a cryptocurrency that is not designed to speculate nor have the incentives of an investment vehicle. Its main goal is the utility and value in the Wayports ecosystem.

How can I earn Lilium?

Paid Quantum accounts accrue Lilium each month, and we also award Lilium amounts for participation in community events, such as the Wayports Racing League. You can also create NFTs and sell them for Lilium, using Unum, our NFT marketplace.

What is Flow?

A golden standard in blockchains for open worlds, used by the NBA, UFC and CryptoKitties.

Why this blockchain?

Because Flow is a safe, fast and reliable blockchain designed specifically for the needs of a virtual world like Wayports, and is proven to have succeeded with digital assets at the highest levels.

Learn more about Flow.

What is Blocto?

The easiest, non-technical solution to having a secure wallet application for our users.

Why this wallet?

Because it is a proven way to store value in the Flow ecosystem, and it is trusted by games such as MotoGP and CryptoKitties. It also provides a great way to trade into other assets.

Learn more about Blocto.

Earn Lilium for playing a racing game!

The Wayports Racing League is accessible to those with a Quantum account.
Play and earn our cryptocurrency, Lilium, which you can use in Wayports or trade in Quantum.

Built for security, privacy & scale

With Quantum and Lilium, you get complete control of your assets, as your token balance is not stored on the token contract but on your own wallet instead.

The NFT Marketplace of Wayports

List your creations

Any member of the Wayports virtual world can bid to purchase the NFTs you create, or acquire them at the instant sale price.

Build your NFT collection

Browse, discover and bid on art, utility goods, game items or unlocking NFTs. Store them safely in your Quantum vault.


Great to get started
  • Send and Receive cryptocurrencies
  • Store NFTs
  • Fund your wallet using FUSD
  • Browse our NFT marketplace


Rewards and perks to do more
$49Per month
  • No fees across the ecosystem
  • Ability to mint NFTs (Coming soon)
  • List NFTs, set prices and sell them (Coming soon)
  • Purchase NFTs (Coming soon)
  • Access to the Wayports Racing League, with Lilium prizes


Get the most out of Wayports, Lilium and  Unum, the NFT Marketplace.
$99Per month
  • 10% Discount on your vault transactions
  • Premium NFT marketplace listing (coming soon)
  • Your own team in the WRL
  • VIP badge next to your Wayports nametag
  • Invitation to stake Lilium

Best of all worlds

With a Quantum Vault, you can hold Lilium for every day purchases, and trade into Bitcoin or Ethereum for storing value.

Step into Wayports,
the virtual world
for collaboration